Playa Morrillo is only 5 mins away (1.5km) by car from the hotel.

People surfing Morrillo commonly state that the wave is world class. PlayaMorrillo is the most consistent beach break in the whole of Panama. Surfers come here when there are no waves elsewhere in Panama (at its best at 30cm). The reason for such consistent waves is for three main reasons. Morrillo has an unrestricted path all the way to the tip of South America, which means that any weather systems affecting the western coast of South America will be felt here. To the west of Morrillo is a set of mountains the change of depth into the sea provides a perfect platform for even the smallest swells to provide great waves. And lastly, the Morrillo river regularly feeds Playa Morrillo with sand to create a chain of moving sand banks which enhance the swells that arrive from the western coast of South America.  

Morrillo is a hidden wave and not too far away is Playa Riena. If Morrillo is too big go to Playa Riena.

Best periods of the year to surf is summer time between December and April where there is a gentle offshore breeze that makes the wave stand up and prolong its duration.

Stayng at El Sol Morrillo you can look at the conditions of the wave from your shower, if it is too big for you, stay in bed or you have a multitude of close options to surf notably Playa Riena, Palo Seco,  & Playa Malena! And our surf guide can take you to other hidden breaks in the area. Boat trips & stays to Santa Catalina & Playa Grande can be organised for you.

We offer various services for surfers. These include lessons, surf shop, ding repair, & surf safaris. Two beginner surf boards are free to hotel guests. An early takeaway breakfast can be organised (at 6:00 am), so you do not go hungry or either come back to finish your breakfast before 10:00 am. If you do not have transport we can organize drop off and pick up at Playa Morrillo and other surf locations in the area.

Watch Argentinian national surf champions on Morrillo on ESPN!!

Inshore Fishing

Go fishing at local spots with a guide and learn to fish the species (Rooster, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks & Snook) at river mouths, beaches and the different islands and cliffs in the area. We rent out rods and sell rigs and equipment for your use.

Offshore Fishing

The oceans around the Azuero pennisular is renowned for its world class fishing. The tuna coast is less than 30 minutes away by boat. Trips to Hannibal bank, Cebaco and Coiba can be organised for you with expert fishermen.

Horseback Riding & Cascade trips

Horseback riding can be organised in the surrounding areas. Gallop through the waves on Playa Torio, bathe in the local cascades and be stunned by the panoramic views from horseback. Trips to the spectacular cascades can also be arranged.

Coiba/Cebaco  Snorkelling

These activities can be organised for you locally along the coast on Cebaco or Coiba. Local tours from $40/person.

Coiba needs to be prebooked at least 1 week in advanced due to logistic reasons. A 3 night tour from $550/person. Contact us for more details.

Gourmet Events

The restaurant is renowned for its cuisine and well chosen wines. Eat Indian, Thai, FGrench, Italien & Japanese cuisine made to order for you.